Let those blues slide

New album from smoking blues harp player Paddy Smith - "Let those blues in"

Paddy Smith album - Let those blues in Let those blues in is a gem of an album. With rich production by Alun Smyth of Minty and the Freshmen fame, with slide blues guitar by Joshue O Connor of Technica Curiosa Records, it features smoking harp from the excellent Paddy Smith, whose playing brings a depth of feeling to the blues harp that would make Little Walter cry.

"Let those blues in" is an eclectic mix of roots, R&B, and Chicago blues. Parts of the album have a modern twist with a dubby rootsy vibe particularily on the opening track 'Poor me' featuring slide blues guitar by Joshue O Connor, followed by the Motown stomp of the title track "Let those blues in" - both excellent for busting a groove. The album closes with "Judas" which is the most stripped down and closest to the open road blues with more slow hand slide guitar from Josh.

The Kali Yuga Liberty Bell

New Release from The Cookies Monsters - "Midland Wasted"

THe Kali Yuga QueenIn a dark cave in the wilds of Meath the Cookie Monsters have dusted off their axes, picked up the nearest sticks and stones and started grooving in a punky reggae party stylee.

The Cookie Monsters band was born out of the ashes of some old circuitry, broken drum sticks, and past it fuzz pedals. Insert into mixer and blend, add some words and things and shake it up and stir - the Cookie cocktail emerges and runs the gamut from shiney metal noise to punky riffs and lost 13th floor Elevators demos. But the Cookies are an unpredictable lot so who knows where it will end? They may even disco..

Head Noise Tribute to Allen Ginsberg

New Release from Head Noise - "Where do Dreams go to Die? (Or how to still believe after the Money is gone)"

Old gilt style book cover with embossed image of Alan Ginsberg in his Yankee HatAllen Ginsberg was one a kind, the voice of a generation, no doubt. Everybody rates the poem "Howl" as one of Ginsbergs' greatest works, Head Noise don't agree and think that "Transcription of Organ Music" is one of his best and have put it to music.

So yes, the dream is over, but at least they tried. This poem captures a sense of longing and transcendence that is peculiar, as very personal references combine with mystic inference. Head Noise deliver a sixties type vibe with a twist. Serge Gainsbourgesque rhythms groove along, with bleeps, snaps crackles and pops - along with a nice orchestral segue into a jazzy finale as the lights descend.

Hiding the hand of the divine behind the veil of empiricism

Technica Curiosa Records presents a new Release: from Head Noise entitled - "Where next Einstein?"

Einstein the great scientific mind offers the view that we need a humane scienceThe new EP distills our current fears and phobias about the future, our inherent mistrust of technology and the hope of redemption through personal change. Layers of distorted treated electric guitars shimmer throughout, with ethereal noise loops and spoken word samples from Albert Einstein.

This three track EP is an extension of previous Head Noise work, which Hot Press has described as "interesting and unconventional" and the Milk Factory as a music of "twisted sonic landscapes somewhere between minimal post-rock and dub electronica in its most somber form, creating dense atmospheric structures [...]."

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So you think you're Weird?

New Release: My Favourite Weirdo EP

Electo Cow post rave Myopia and Fuzzyness Lovely fuzzy bleeps, sqeaks, layered guitars, loops, squaks, rhythms, beats and blues for the Weird Age we find ourselves in.

Layers of ambient sounds, repetitive beats from a time when they were illegal, make the "My Favourite Weirdo EP" electronica with a heart and - well a bit of a beard also.

Taking inspiration from sources as diverse as the works of G.K. CHesterton, C.S. Lewis and Aphex Twin, the new EP brings thoughtfullness to evolving ambient soundscapes and beats that capture the spirit of retro electronica.

Wish you were here.

Postcards from the Hedge by JOSHUE O CONNOR

Bleeping sheep with sacred AUM in its heartAfter spending many years either under the hedge, out of the hedge, fighting with the hedge, living at the hedge, and now in general trimming the hedge - here are some songs about my experiences.

The album ‘Postcards from the Hedge?is about many things. The search for identity and the divine. Madness, alienation, finding love, as well as travel and cows.

Postcards is available for download from eMusic, Napster, Rhapsody and iTunes.

Electronic Ambient
Go Deeper

Head Noise: We have our hands in your head

The last Technica Curiosa release from hEAD nOISE is "IF LOVE IS FREE THEN HOPE IS A WHORE" (Tech 004). It'is a skillfull mix of beats, bleeps and blues all fused together with interesting sound collages and some thoughtful samples from such diverse sources as Roy Harper & Crass Records and also a posthumous contribution from The Dark Horse.

Rock Rage
Beats and blues

2TRACK:Welcome to the world of 2track

This is an angrier audio incarnation - The new album "This machine accepts" was inspired by 2tracks recent trip to Vietnam/Cambodia and the impressions these countries left. Having been touched by the Vietnamese people in the face of the American War machine and being humbled by their strength of spirit.

I bleep therefore I am

The improvised freestyle of FUZZY SYSTEMS

What the bleep do I know? Explore the improvised guitar and soundscape work of Fuzzy Systems.

New experimental ambient Fuzzy Systems LP "Samsara Blues" with tracks featuring the free improvisation of guitarist Tony Murray Download tracks from Samsara Blues. Cosmic Artwork by the Dutch artist Roger Lenoir.

These are live improvised set pieces that capture elemental moods, and evoke a reflective and meditative headspace that draw the user into the minimal enveloping waves of sound that wash over the listener.

and Communicate

Rip burn and Jam with the Sine Exchange Collective

Surf those Sine Waves The Sine Exchange Collective is in town. Rip, burn, and Jam in an improvised environment in the Solstice Arts Centre.

Also join the Soundscapes Work Shop taking place during July. Buy tickets to Soundscapes workshop for €10.