Head Noise Set at Electric Picnic 2013

I’ll be somewhere near these rolling stones..

Head Noise (the chaotic improvisational alter ego of Joshue O Connor) will be playing in the Body & Soul area of the Electric Picnic.

Do drop by – fuzzy beats, drones, mangled samples, cosmic ambience will all mix (in the best possible taste). After playing the Picnic in 2012, and having a blast – I’ve decided to do it again and really hang my balls out there and do something improvised and truly ‘live’. Many times I’ve been jamming and been graced with nice sounds and synchronous ‘accidents’ and often wished others were around to experience it. Well, now I get my chance (in front of a crowd) and I humbly beseech the Universe to be kind.

My fender Jaguar will go through an Akai Head rush, via a Wah – and I have a couple of midi controllers (MPD24 and Akai Mini MPD25) triggering samples and instruments via Ableton Live.

August 2013: New album from smoking blues harp player Paddy Smith - "Let those blues in"

Paddy Smith album - Let those blues in Let those blues in is a gem of an album. With rich production by Alun Smyth of Minty and the Freshmen fame, with slide blues guitar by Joshue O Connor of Technica Curiosa Records, it features smoking harp from the excellent Paddy Smith, whose playing brings a depth of feeling to the blues harp that would make Little Walter cry.

"Let those blues in" is an eclectic mix of roots, R&B, and Chicago blues. Parts of the album have a modern twist with a dubby rootsy vibe particularily on the opening track 'Poor me' featuring slide blues guitar by Joshue O Connor, followed by the Motown stomp of the title track "Let those blues in" - both excellent for busting a groove. The album closes with "Judas" which is the most stripped down and closest to the open road blues with more slow hand slide guitar from Josh.

Fuzzy Systems Remix feature in the new Sci-fi Movie "The End of the Earth is my home" [SCI-FI/THRILLER/VFX]"

A Secret Society remix of the Fuzzy Systems track 'We are floating in the navel of Maha-vishnu', from the Moment series No. 3, from 2006 features in a new Irish sci-fi movie called "The End of the Earth is my home" produced by METAL DRAGON studios.


THE END OF THE EARTH IS MY HOME is a modern fantasy inspired by several classic stories combined with the writer/director's travel experience. The story is primarily an amalgamation of elements from the traditional Asian Stories of the Monkey King and Bram Stoker's Dracula. You can watch the trailer below. The movie will premier in Dublin at the upcoming Darklight 2012 film festival on SAT 25 AUG 11.00..

The Cookie Monsters bring the noise..

The Kali Yuga Liberty Bell

In a dark cave in the wilds of Meath the Cookie Monsters have dusted off their axes, picked up the nearest sticks and stones and started grooving in a punky reggae party stylee.

The Cookie Monsters were born out of the ashes of some old circuitry, broken drum sticks, and past it fuzz pedals. Insert into mixer and blend, add some words and things and shake it up and stir.

The Cookie cocktail that emerges runs the gamut from shiny metal noise and punky riffs, via some lost 13th floor Elevators and MC5 demos. But the Cookies are an unpredictable lot so who knows where it will end? They may even disco..

The new EP "Midland Wasted" is a frenetic mix of DIY punk spirit, improvisation and experimentation. Frenetic energy, and riffs mix with lyrics about stuff. Many of the tracks capture the immediacy of their inception as they are often parts pulled from the air, with Josh's Stream of consciousness lyrics that reflect the world we are in post 9/11 paranoia, where consumerism is worshipped by unthinking consumer zombies..and thats just Josh.

So whats it all about eh? Is it real,is it all a dream? Are we a part of some cosmic plan or just some minor random atomic accident, on it's way to rubbing itself out in it's rush to end up a historical footnote? Who knows! Who cares! Download the Cookie Monsters EP. "Midland Wasted" and find out.

Of course its all here, along with reflections on modern relationships, the search for identity, some passable Dave Gilmour impersonations by Josh and groovy backing vocals from Emmet, and Crocker.

The Cookies are Crocker (Funky Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, vibes), Emmet 'The Big E' Newman (Bass, Vibes) and Josh (Drums, lead Guitar, vocals, lyrics). EP Engineered by Alun Smyth. Art and Production by Josh. No Cookies were harmed in the making of this record.

Where do Dreams go to Die? Head Noise tribute to Allen Ginsberg

Allen Ginsberg was one a kind, the voice of a generation no doubt. Everybody rates the poem "Howl" as one of Ginsbergs' greatest works, Head Noise don't agree and think that "Transcription of Organ Music" is one of his best and have put it to music.

So yes, the dream is over, but each generation has its own dream. This poem captures a sense of longing and transcendence that is peculiar, as very personal references combine with mystic inference.

In an age of ubiquitous mediocrity, it's refreshing to know that a few lunatics got their kit off and ran naked in Times Square, or the Bowery, or wherever rather than spraying black paint on their third eye in front of X-factor.

In fact, this is recommended heartily by Head Noise (the drunken act of war, not spray painting your third eye) as a way of checking your head from time to time. So artistic references aside, whats the tunes like then?

Well, Head Noise deliver a sixties type vibe with a twist. Serge Gainsbourgesque rhythms groove along, with bleeps, snaps crackles and pops - along with a nice orchestral segue into a jazzy finale as the lights descend.

So whether you view the entire hippy thing as a load of media hyped twaddle at best, or at worse a cleverly disguised piece of mind control and social engineering; Remember! That we did once have the real thing, Janis, Jimi and a million unknown lunatics who howled at the moon, got their groove on and tried to look beyond the veil.

Go to our discography and download "Where do Dreams go to Die? (Or how to still believe after the Money is gone)?" by Head Noise.

Head Noise in the Movies

A track from the first Head Noise album "The Day I Stopped Reading WIRED", has featured in a new Irish film called "The Looking Glass". The track is "Not for Sale". The film is "The Looking Glass" (2010) and you can view the trailer on You Tube. The movie directed by Colin Downey starring Patrick O'Donnell and Natalia Kostrzewa, is a portrait of a young man on the brink of fatherhood moves quickly from familiar drama into dark fairytale. Paul, a young man planning to marry his pregnant girlfriend, finds his values challenged and his life upended by the arrival of his sinister, sexually predatory, future mother-in-law.

In a surreal story that nods in the direction of Jan Svankmajer, the Brothers Quay and even Kenneth Anger, Paul's attempts to face the traumas of his childhood and grapple with manhood will take him on a dangerous journey peopled with exotic beauties, criminals and grotesques.

New EP from Head Noise: Where next Einstein?

The new EP distills our current fears and phobias about the future, our inherent mistrust of technology and the hope of redemption through personal change. Layers of distorted treated electric guitars shimmer throughout, with ethereal noise loops and spoken word samples from Albert Einstein.

This three track EP is an extension of previous Head Noise work, which Hot Press has described as "interesting and unconventional" and the Milk Factory as a music of "twisted sonic landscapes somewhere between minimal post-rock and dub electronica in its most somber form, creating dense atmospheric structures [...]."

The new EP continues in that vein - the final track being a change in mood with the captivating "Blues for Govinda" - comprising of a simple but haunting guitar motif merging with gentle strings and horns, organ sounds and other esoteric tunings also offset the piece.

The EP is designed to be listened to as a continuous gapless piece, so it is best to download all three tracks and import into iTunes or similar.

Feel the noise... download the new Head Noise EP "Where next Einstein?".

My Favourite Weirdo EP

Lovely fuzzy bleeps, sqeaks, layered guitars, loops, squalks, rhythms, beats and blues for the Weird Age we find ourselves in.

Layers of ambient sounds, repetative beats make the "My Favourite Weirdo EP" electronica with a heart.

Taking inspiration from sources as diverse as the works of G.K. CHesterton, C.S. Lewis and Aphex Twin, the new EP brings thoughtfullness to evolving ambient soundscapes and beats that capture the spirit of retro electronica.

Josh notes: For the recording Ableton Live 8 was used, along with treated guitar snippets fed into an Akai Headrush. The Headrush allowed me to nicely builld some interesting snippets of guitar generated glitches into evolving patterns that were sequenced in live with other sounds from my Korg Triton (my studio workhorse). Many of the tracks are nicely synchopated etc except the thirs track "Wobble". This track is contrary and deliberately well, wobbly. It shift in and out of time, and admittedlty sometimes is works, and other times it doesn't.. but this is ok. I liked this kind of sound and the way sometimes the rythm leads and sometimes its the bass and sometimes I'm not too sure what is doing what.

For a limited time you will be able to download the "My Favourite Weirdo EP" from here.

Postcards from the Hedge by Joshue O Connor (2008)

To try and figure out my life I needed some useful imagery. I figured that my life is a lot like my relationship with plants and nature, some may say that is a lazy metaphor, a cliché. I don’t really care. Even if truth becomes hackneyed and worn, it is still truth. Rather like Chauncey Gardiner, in Hal Ashby’s brilliant ‘Being There’, he played the part of a man who was a childlike cipher for things that may or may not be true, and people were so empty they saw something in him that filled their own need. So I think, the hedge is a good metaphor, and in this context it represents the world or my perception of that world. As Bishop George Berkeley postulated “The world is in the mind, not the mind in the world”.

My life has also been a winding and rather spiral type affair, non-linear, lateral.. so now as an aging Punk Rock Hippy.. I am now settled for the first time in my life. More happy in my skin than I have ever been and this album is both a look back and a look inwards, over the years that have brought me here.

So back to the hedge, after spending many years either under the hedge, out of the hedge, fighting with the hedge, living at the hedge, and now in general trimming the hedge - here are some songs about my experiences.

The album ‘Postcards from the Hedge’ is about many things. The search for identity and the divine. Madness, alienation, finding love, as well as travel and cows.

It has taken nearly 15 years for some of these songs to finally see the light of day. I do hope some of them resonate with you in someway. They catalogue my journey and an honest and genuine desire to figure out life, or at least my small place in it, and deal with some of the big questions. I don’t care how daft and uncool it is to say that out loud, but I am not a very complex man, so why not be clear and voice what I think in a simple manner?

The quest for identity and meaning is a valuable one and in many ways the most important journey we shall ever undertake. Without it we are nothing more than rocks lost at the foot of the mountain, seeds on the breeze or empty ciphers transfixed and hypnotised by pretty pictures beamed into our home. Oh dear.

I am not interested in shallow and superficial appraisals of what this record is or is not, and in a sense I am not really concerned about how this record is received, as I kinda made it for myself. I feel now like I have been freed somewhat and can move on and explore other things. Making this record has been like giving birth to a small talented elephant or like watching a mountain rise a couple of millimeters a year.

As a result of all that, I am vainly presenting the songs to you for a listen if you care to take a glimpse inside a strangers head.

Many thanks to Robert Waterhouse for his great double bass playing on many of these tracks. I play all of the guitar, drums and some bass and it's me doign the dodgy warbling throughout (and some of it is truly dodgy). Also big thanks to Alun Smyth who engineered and helped me produce the record.

This album is dedicated to my friend Aodhan O Gormain who has sadly left us for a higher world and we are wanting in his absence. Slan go foil a chara.

Hari Om Tat Sat

Postcards is available for download from eMusic, Napster, Rhapsody and iTunes.

News: January 2006

Technica Curiosa Records collaboration project Fuzzy Systems have a new release on Ancient Records the brainchild of Leitrim based experimental sound artist Stephen Rennicks. Stephens record label Ancient Records, 'Moment Series' asks artists to interpret the phrase 'To Stretch a Moment is to Live Outside Time'. The audio piece is to be at least 20 minutes in duration.

International collective Fuzzy Systems contributed the track ‘We are Floating in the Navel of Maha-Vishnu'. The Secret Society did a remix of the track for release in the 'Moments Series'. This time Fuzzy Systems was Joshue O’Connor, Roger Lenoir and Fiona Guiheen. According to Ancient records: "The track sounds like a slowly evolving mystical revelation, a slow flash like moment of contemplative illumination". For more see the Ancient Records site.

News: October 2005

Technica Curiosa Records own Screaming Bones play Oiche Teamair Rugby Club Navan (this Friday, 2ist Oct) with 'Minty and the Freshmen', 'Tandem Felix','I-Soul', 'Devolution', 'Moon' and 'Kelfin Oberon'. doors 9pm.

It looks like being a great night. With all proceeds going to the Hill of Tara vs. Motorway campaign.

For more info on the gig and the campaign see:

Screaming Bones are born

The latest Technica Curiosa sonic incarnation is as 'Screaming Bones'. This is an audio meltdown consisting of Josh and co-sonic conspirator Robert Waterhouse (of Colossus and the Headhunters). 'The Bones' dream up a bluesy mix of rhythms and rhymes based on many of Josh's songs that can be also found in a different form on the "Exile ends in Glory" album

'The Bones' music is very much in the spirit of Tech Records ethos of "Beats and Blues for the New Age". Quality music and lyrics are the focus but the Bones may stray into any musical landscape. So if you like conscious lyrics and funky rhythms and if the New Age is wearing you out - Rattle them Bones!!

And here is the news/ April 2005

It looks like being a busy year with releases from 2track, TALENTLESS BRAND MONKEY & Joshue O Connor. You can download free sample MP3's of each of these artists in our discography section. If you would like any more info on our artists/ releases or how to buy them. Please contact us.

Release1 The new Joshue O Connor LP is called "EXILE ENDS IN GLORY". It is a reflective affair threaded through with some beautiful acoustic guitar work. The album also features some flute playing from German Maestro Thorsten Kahlert some skillfull deep double bass from the expert fingers of Robert Waterhouse and bleeps and beeps from the machines that Josh chooses to Jam with these days. There is an interesting sonic landscape buried deeper inside the music that reveals itself with subsequent listenings. The songs are meditations on love with themes of loss and redemption , the impact of modernity, and life in the wake of 9/11. The album has been in production for some time but will finally be out in November 2004.

Release 2: 2track is a sonically different animal and the new album "THIS MACHINE ACCEPTS " is currently in production and due for release in May 2005. The style of recording and the sounds used reflect a style that is more immediate and emotive. The name comes from a simpler age gone by of belief in first takes and two track recording. This is music about emotional and artistic honesty that reveals emotional layers in a more direct way without getting lost in "style" "technology" and production technique.

The album features LA based Chicana poet Olga Angelina Garcia with an impassioned performance of her "Poem in Protest".

The result is a mix of genres from psycho-acoustic ,post-rock to dub ambience and funky beats.The album was inspired by 2tracks trip to Vietnam/Cambodia and his experience in a country ravaged by war and the strength of spirit of the people he met.

Release 3: TALENTLESS BRAND MONKEY is coming to say hello. He will confuse and astound. He's no monkey, doesnt care about brands and is far from talentless.You can download a sample track here.